Flat tapes- and Rounds


... can be produced in nearly all dimensions.

Applications: welding rods out of special thermoplasts, medical "mandrils", sealing rods,
reinforcements in coverings, beading rounds, strings for industrial arts a.s.o..

Decisive for the product is the basic material. FEMSO Flat tapes and rounds
We will be pleased to help you in your choice, if you have not yet decided.

Flat tapes

Due to raw material specifications the right die for flat tapes must be chosen carefully that is why they are not available in every combination of width and thickness.

Frequent applications are seam welding tape for tents and protective clothing, sealing of screens, handles, inlays a.s.o..

Best you specify your need in your inquiry - we will choose suitable materials and dies for "your" tape and submit our quotation - if necessary and possible completed by some helpful samples.

Slit tapes out of sheetings, artifical leather or coated textiles - as far as the flat materials are avaible in the needed quantities - sometimes can substitute extrusions. For critical applications we sometimes slit extruded material in order to lower tolerances of width.

If we consider slit material as a favourable alternative for your application, we will propose it.
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