FEMSO Rohr, Rohre, Schlauch, Schläuche, Flachmaterial, Rundmaterial, Bandmaterial

... mainly special versions, such as medical tubing, risers for spraying bottles, protection pipes, pumping pipes, also with thread

For further remarks see applications. We will recommend dimension and thermoplast for your needs, if you let us know the relevant data in your inquiry.

Calibrating dies between 3 and 84 mm diameter are available.
The outer diameter of the extruded tubes depends on the material
- due to specific shrinkage of the chosen wall thickness.

If necessary we will manufacture a new calibrating die - our calibrating unit goes up to a diameter of 90 mm. Our workshop is laid out for manufacture of special tubings, small and medium sizes. Our manufacturing capacity is not designed for mass production, such as ISO-pipes for instance. Further we are not producers of reinforced or shrink hoses.

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